This Is The €15 Billion Tunnel Connecting Helsinki To Tallinn

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - 00:00

Peter Vesterbacka (50, Helsinki) is one of the most recognized people in Northern Europe. Known for his trademark red hoodie (some say he’s been wearing them since 2008), Vesterbacka has generally been involved in almost all aspects of Finland’s rise towards entrepreneurship.

Every time I meet him, it's like as if he has become somehow younger, filled with enthusiasm towards something new. He is not ashamed of taking on outrageous projects nor is he afraid of talking loud, hustling or even failing, which sets him apart from the vast majority of his native Finns. Vesterbacka is known as one of the founders of the famous Slush conference in Helsinki, and as the evangelizer of Angry Birds game by Rovio, which became one of the biggest mobile games of all time and even spun out its own Hollywood animation movie.

A true straight talker with no-hostages-mentality, Vesterbacka along with his partner, Kustaa Valtonen, are currently involved in building one of the most ambitious construction projects in Europe.

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