Tallinn council chair: Tunnel with Finland would benefit all of Estonia

Friday, June 14, 2019 - 00:00

Following a meeting with one of the heads of a consortium in charge of developing an undersea tunnel connecting Tallinn and Helsinki, Tallinn City Council Chairman Tiit Terik (Centre) said that the planned tunnel would benefit all of Estonia.

"Having heard one of the project's leaders, Kustaa Valtonen, and seen the sketches of the project, I tend to believe that this 100-kilometer tunnel costing around €15 billion will indeed become a reality at some point," Terik said according to city council spokespeople. "Whether it is by 2024, as has been promised by enthusiastic project leaders, or slightly later isn't even that important right now. What is important is that this tunnel will benefit both Tallinn and its neighboring municipalities as well as all of Estonia."

Personally, he added, he was quite fond of the idea of an undersea railway tunnel connecting the two cities.


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