Tallinn tunnel Task Force: Unique mega-project requires private sector participation

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - 00:00

The Helsinki-Tallinn Tunnel is a large-scale project that would require the involvement of the private sector in order to proceed. The tunnel would have wide-ranging positive effects on both countries, and it would enhance traffic between Europe and Asia.

The report of the task force chaired by the Ministry of Transport and Communications states that due to the scale and complexity of the tunnel project, its progress would require new, innovative solutions, especially regarding funding. Private sector involvement would speed up the progress of the project and strengthen its financial viability. One way to implement the tunnel would be to find multiple sources of funding for the project.

The report recommends that in order to proceed, the project would need a strong project organisation. The next step could be to establish a development vehicle, like a project company, that would take the project forward.

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